“No-one else could pull this off, except Trump”

Necessary too.

This is the brief story that comes with the corroborating video above: A Powerful Message – President Trump Delivers Remarks in Beijing’s Great Hall…. PDT commences at the ten minute mark and he does not mince words.

President Trump and President Xi delivered remarks to the international audience in The Great Hall in Beijing China, and suddenly the word “remarks” seems inappropriate.

President Xi Jinping delivered the customary speech, albeit with nuance specific to the guest and audience, with a carefully worded assembly familiar to almost anyone who has read speeches and messaging approved by Beijing. As customary within the cunning assembly of those words; the state media apparatus then tells the consuming audience what they mean. Or at least that’s the familiar pattern.

However, then came Trump…

President Trump followed President Xi’s remarks with a speech as deliberate and unambiguous as the internal audience would ever fathom hearing. President Trump respectfully pulled no punches in his direct and emphatic style; stating that China needed to engage in, well, to use China’s familiar wording, “correct thinking” on a variety of issues – including trade and their necessary responsibility toward North Korea.

No-one else could pull this off, except Trump. Not that way. The best part is always the emphatic part at the end. President Trump gives the look saying: well, that’s that then; that’s all I’ve got to say about that… smiles bigly, and the diplomatic opponent tries not to look smaller than they were ten minutes earlier.

Not that we should neglect any of this either:

TRUMP DELIVERS: 37 major deals US firms signed with Chinese entities during visit…

Declares New World-Trade Order…

And then this, the President’s granddaughter singing in Mandarin 特朗普外孙女唱中文歌

Neither the first bit nor the second would have been brought to you aside from here at the far corner of the web. They see no version of sense other than their own and when their designated enemies help make the world a better and safer place, they have no response other than to shut their ears and bay at the moon.

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