Master and apprentice

The point really is that on the left these things don’t matter at all, and they are normally only brought to light because they really do matter to conservatives. The instant and ongoing forgiveness for Bill Clinton for his sexual predation, which was fully underscored by his wife’s accommodation to everything he did, underscores just how indifferent the left is to any of the standard and genuine problems that exist in relation to women’s issues. The absolute indifference to women’s oppression in different cultures, even when they are found in immigrant communities in the West, is the clearest evidence that the issues are only issues because they can be used to harvest votes. It is only on the conservative side that these issues are taken seriously and are not just a means to political power.

The video above is from Gateway Pundit: Harvey Weinstein to Bill Clinton: “As I said, I Always Learn Amazing Things from You”.

Serial sexual predator Harvey Weinstein told serial sexual predator Bill Clinton in 2012,

“As I said, I always learn amazing things from you.”

They were actually talking about oppressed women in India.

Wow! You just can’t make this up!

The only thing you need to wonder about the fact that this saga has gone MSM is where the even worse story is that this is the cover up for.

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