Swamp increasingly isolated by Trump

The actual headline at Drudge is WASH POST LEAD TUES: TRUMP INCREASINGLY ISOLATED IN SWAMP…. A very large part of the Republican Congressional party has about the same level of competence as Malcolm Turnbull and are about equally useless. That PDT finds himself driven to distraction by such imbeciles is easy for anyone to fathom except for the American political class, the public service, the media and Democrats in general. As for the rest of us, one can only live in hope.

Drudge matches this story with another from the NYT: Trump’s Fight with Corker Jeopardizes His Legislative Agenda. I read the story through very carefully and could not find a single issue mentioned, only this departing Republican Senator’s unspecified frustrations. No doubt the crony capitalists and other interests he served no longer find him worth the millions they have poured into his pocket over the years.

It’s a long, uphill fight. But even Malcolm has been forced by his own party room to cede some ground on global warming so there’s hope. But it is Donald Trump who has made all the difference. It’s still 50-50 at the moment, but I have not seen such determination in office since the days of Margaret Thatcher. May he prevail in our day as she did in hers.

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