The common sense of fifty years ago has evaporated

Here is a post picked up at a site where I think of myself among friends that continues my sense that near enough nobody gets it at this “elite” level. Nazi-Hunting Fantasies Have Unhinged The Left. So this is what he says about the reactions the left make about PDT:

As applied to Trump, they are a bit exaggerated, but close enough to be plausible.

And what are the causes of these plausible but exaggerated reactions?

The problem with their reaction to Donald Trump is that he seems to so totally vindicate all of their political prejudices that he justifies an even more vicious vilification of anyone who opposes their agenda. Everyone who supports free market capitalism is a rich jerk who looks down on poor people? Check. Anyone who complains about political correctness just wants to be a sexist boor? Check. Anyone who talks hawkishly about Islamic terrorism must be driven by a neurotic need to prove his masculinity? Check. Anyone who doesn’t sign up for the latest iteration of the “diversity” agenda must harbor some kind of implicit sympathy for white nationalists? Yeah, well, check.

His problem is that it is because Trump is like the left’s fantasy view of the right that we are being discredited and will be unable to open a dialogue with the left. But if he actually thinks he has properly characterised the beliefs and attitudes of Donald Trump, then he is as bad as the rest. The common sense of fifty years ago must now have evaporated. So far as Trump’s belief system goes, it looks very similar to the value system of JFK which is, to me all these years later, pretty well where I am still at. Democrats were once sane. Now, even among the supposed right side of politics, insanity at the elite level is common.

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