Don’t go away it’s still Law of Markets but with a new look

We are coming up to our fifth birthday and the theme of the blog, that is, it’s format and look, has been retired and a new theme has had to be adopted. It was also one of the things I learned as part of my study of shopping centres, that the entire inside of each of the shops had to be completely redone every five years. I find this a bit cheerier and I think it is as clear to read if not a touch better. Anyway, we will stick with this for a bit. The “search” button is a nice new feature but most things are still there that were there before. The blog now has a larger reach than in the past and has even on occasion had more than 5000 hits in a single day, which is pretty good for a site without allowing comments on the posts. No longer just a means to communicate with family and friends, but it still is that as well. Hi Joshi, and hello to everyone else as well.

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