The view of the deplorables on dumping the Paris Accords

This is Donald Trump’s doing. No one else would have had the strength of character and the will and determination. We know what the global elites think but what do the deplorables think? These are the top comments in the report in The Australian where they, along with the rest of the media, have rent their garments and put on sackcloth and ashes. This is what the rest of us think. The top comments, and they are all there. Not one has been left out.

I’ll tell you what it means if the US pulls out of the Paris Agreement. The end of the biggest scam perpetuated on Mankind. Deplorable No. 1

Its very hard to support something that you think is a grand lie, regardless of how much other people might want to believe it. Clearly none of the worlds “experts” have been able to convince Trump. Unsurprisingly more than 50% of the worlds people are similarly unconvinced because the empirical evidence just does not stack up. If it were actually warming then people might begin to trust the “models”. But when the temperature change is 0.1 of a degree in the last 100years while man made CO2 has more than doubled, and global greening as seen from space is accelerating, its a bit rich to expect everyone to buy in to a warming catastrophe. Islamist terrorism on the other hand, which many on the left deny, is an easy buy in, because our children are actually dying.

I think the author is talking about a different accord to the one signed about climate change. “Every country has pledged to lower its greenhouse emissions”. China agreed to no such thing. Tell the truth.

Jean-Claude is just worried that the Junket may be coming to an end.

The bankrupt economies of the EU will take the lead ? So exactly where will the money come from ?

Of course all the African basket cases have signed on – it’s free money after all !

What will happen is that people will regain their trust in politicians if Trump finally stands up to the greatest socialist wealth distribution scam of our time

Too many countries have bludged off the USA for too long. The Europeans, the biggest bludgers of the lot, expect Trump to follow their every direction, but he turned his back and they ridicule him. Why would anyone support someone that ridicules them. its time for the European bludgers to pay their way.

What will it mean? A surge in champagne sales to climate sceptics who know that there never was evidence that the Paris Climate Treaty was necessary and who know that the money, estimated at about $100 TRILLION by 2030, could be spent far more wisely.

Great News for the UN, now let’s hope Trump stops funding to the UN, that would be Utopia!

Donald Trump breaking all the political rules, following through on his election promises. If the left are up in arms you just know he is on the right track. Much like their hatred for the man who still and will again be our PM, mr Tony Abbott.

Australia needs to follow the USA and abandon the Paris Accord / Climate Alarmist Scam. There is no evidence of any problem with climate, now or in future. And climate changes naturally. There simply is no problem to fix. Australia needs to get out of the scam too. If that means dumping Turnbull – then so be it – no loss.

Why is it that there is a similar movement to reduce the rate of growth of the world’s population? It is, after all, at the heart of all of this planet’s environmental problems. What if there is not actually any global warming? What if, if there is, it is not actually caused by the 3% of total emissions that belong to humans. Something just doesn’t feel right about this entire environmentalist movement when they so blatantly disregard the obvious but latch onto things that are extremely complex and difficult to prove or disprove.

“Even the poorest countries in the world, including Liberia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo have signed up.” You mean the ones that are required to do nothing except accept the transfer of our hard earned wealth to them in the form of subsidies to help them transform to a “low-carbon” existence. Let’s see how that works if this Paris stupidity goes ahead. Swiss bankers are licking their lips.

What will happen to the Climate? If US stay in – NOTHING! If US pull out – NOTHING!

If climate change is “unstoppable” then what is the point in wasting tens of billions to try and stop it. Wouldn’t it be better to use that money to mitigate the effects of this “unstoppable” event. Trump is the only world leader with a practical common sense attitude to this, the rest are just expecting us to pay for their moral vanity and gesture politics.

So if Guterres says that climate change is “unstoppable”, why would the US decision matter? More hype.

What will happen if Trump quits Paris climate agreement? America will be well on its way to becoming great again, “that’s what will happen”! The climate change hoax was started by the late UK prime minister Margaret Thatcher all the way back in 1988 {See Google} Then in 2006 Al Gore revived the climate hoax again. Thatcher and Gore have one thing in common neither were scientists, they were both politicians. So if climate change was real then why did the politiciance knew about it and the scientist didn’t.? One thing for sure . Thatcher and Gore created a arket for every dog and cat to become climate scientists

I’m not surprised no one from the Australian put their name to this. The effect on the US leaving will be that they will stop chasing rainbows and have cheaper energy prices, the effect on the Europeans is that they will look even sillier that they already do, the UN will continue to look delusional and self serving and China will comply the the Paris Accord in the manner that they were always going to (not at all).

“Climate Change is undeniable” True. It has been going on for 100s of millions of years. “Climate change is unstoppable” Equally true. The equilibrium of the planet’s climate is in constant flux.””Climate Change provide opportunities that are unmatchable” Now that is probably the truest statement of them all. Although in a manner completely unintended by the speaker. The opportunities to graft,corruption and and rorting are indeed unmatchable.

“What happens if the US quits Paris”, many of us will laugh and ask Turnbull for our borrowed money back. No wonder he wanted Tony Abbott gone – so he could swan around Europe and give Paris a large cheque.

The climate hoax is now 3 decades old since Thatcher dreamt it up back in 1988.Yet 3 decades later they are building artificial military Islands ,in Dubai Holiday resorts at sea,but nobody are building sea walls to prevent their cities from dangerouse sea level rises. Why ? Beecause global warming ain’t happening that’s why

” Even the poorest countries in the world, including Liberia and the Democratic Republic of the Congo have signed up.” Of course they have, they get free money for it!

Trump should lead the way and should dump the Paris Agreement which was never ratified by Congress. But Turnbull will be down in the bottom of the garden with the fairies.

Good on Donald Trump, I truly hope he pulls out of this farce. Lets be real, the Paris conference was all about bullying countries to sign up to a global climate scam that basically funnels huge amounts of cash from the poor to the ultra rich. It is anti-democratic, destructive and trashes the sovereignty of every nation that participates. We should pull out of this agreement also, it has never been agreed to, voted on or ratified by the Australian people or our parliament and thus has no legal basis!!

The Paris accord is a sham and poorer countries of course sign up because there is lots of money in it for them. Stick to coal as it is the cheapest until someone invent better ways to reduce carbon into the atmosphere (if that is so bad). I totally back Trump and America on this and it was about time someone stood up to this socialist/left idea of climate change and making us feel guilty for advancing the world they so much enjoy. There are many scientists and economists who think that the Paris agreement is not smart but guess what, they don’t get a hearing by most of the press around the world.

UPDATE: This the kind of thing I abominate. It shows both a lack of understanding about how politics works and the unwillingness to acknowledge the enormous debt we owe to the American president for completely spurious reasons: Failure Of Paris Climate Deal Was Inevitable. How inevitable would it have been if Hillary had been elected, or even any of the other Republicans starting with Jeb Bush? It really shows the disgusting disregard for DJT who uniquely brought sanity back into this debate.

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