Big Brother is monitoring you

QoL is back up leading off with this: Patriotism, Nationhood and Globalisation. The intro:

Nationalism belongs to the times when humans lived in an associative way and in a familiar and cherished environment, and it has brought mankind to where we are today, god and bad. The future our descendants will have to live in -or survive in- will demand much more from us … and from them.

Even that is more than 140 characters. And somehow related, for those who think they can depend on social media they might want to check out this: Facebook Bans Anti-Migrant Videos After German Woman Shows Beating By Refugees. And you might then like to have a look at Mark Zuckerberg’s desire to become Big Brother.

The Guardian recently published details from a leaked copy of the manual that Facebook gives its thousands of “content moderators,” the people who effectively monitor, police, and determine what we see in our Facebook feeds. What the document revealed is a deeply arbitrary set of guidelines that confuse the moderators who are helping to shape the civil society that millions of people rely on to, as Zuckerberg has put it, find meaning in their lives.

There’s a lot in the specific rules that is problematic, but the biggest problem is that these guidelines were secret at all. In fact, it appears to go against one of the very suggestions Zuckerberg outlined in his manifesto: “The Community Standards should reflect the cultural norms of our community,” he wrote. “The approach is to combine creating a large-scale democratic process to determine standards with AI to help enforce them.”

You will see what he thinks you should see and not see what he doesn’t think you should see. We really should do what we can to protect our own while we still can.

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