Megan McArdle idiot times two

This is a post I put up in February last year, way before the election: Megan McArdle – idiot. This is what I told her then:

And with the media filled with shrews and scolds like yourself, doing things, even the kinds of things people would like done on immigration, will not be as easy as all that.

Oh yes indeed. And now she’s back again with this: The Case for Dumping Trump Rests With His Supporters. Examine her post for policy concerns and none you will find. This is what you find instead:

I think there’s a case for removing Trump on the grounds that he is clearly not competent to execute the office — not that he has committed “high crimes and misdemeanors,” but that he simply lacks the emotional and mental capacity to do the job. But preserving the very norms he’s destroying requires that removal not be undertaken until things have reached such a state that most of his followers recognize his problems. So those of us who believe that the competence of the executive matters — that there are things worse in a president than “more of the same,” and that what we are now seeing is one of them — will simply have to hope like heck that his supporters come to the same conclusion we have before he damages much more than his own reputation, and the hopes of the people who elected him.

She is such a dunce that it aggravates no end to see her quoted at Instapundit where at least she is treated as the numbskull she is. The first five comments voted as the best:

Meh, more Trump-bashing. If there was anyone who was unfit for the office of president, it was the previous one.

I assume McCardle is wrong on every topic until proven otherwise.

The sad Cri du Coeur of wanna be elitist Megan McCardle. No one will listen to their betters anymore!! Go to hell Megan. Your tears and gnashing of teeth are lovely.

There’s no case for dumping Trump, sweetie. He’s the duly elected President and he’s not going to be impeached no matter how sweaty your fantasy is, so time to move on to fixing the country’s problems. P.S., we Trump supporters still support him.

My 8 year old was asking me yesterday, “Daddy, what if Trump set off a nuclear bomb in Washington?” Might be a reasonable trade for his being impeached. Let me say right here and now: If the GOP cooperates in getting rid of Trump, I’m never voting for another Republican so long as I live. The whole party can just crawl away and die.

Logic and coherence are definitely not her strengths.

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