Megan McArdle – idiot

If you would like to see an example of unpersuasive, this one is near the top of the line: How can Trump voters possibly trust this guy? It’s a short article that focuses on how we cannot be sure what a Donald Trump will do as president. I am happy to concede exactly that if she will concede you cannot say what any of the others will do either. And a large part of the reason is that while we ask people running for office what they would do in known circumstances and deal with already existing problems, when they arrive things suddenly spin out of control. But let us look at the issues of the moment through her eyes. She starts by characterising people who lean towards Trump in the following way:

You are sick to death of well-paid folks in Washington and New York and California calling you bigots because of your stance on immigration, trade or foreign policy.

If they did so, I would be offended and such people would have no influence on me. But then writes in the very next sentence:

I don’t happen to agree with you on immigration policy.

Well that’s that. You can now take your snooty condescension and be on your way, you buffoon. And then she concludes with this:

Trump voters seem eager to ignore the fact that their candidate is theirs only until he doesn’t need them.

Well listen, Megan. It is still a political system that needs to work through Congress and the public service. Although Obama may have given you this impression, you are not electing a king, but an administration. There is plenty of politics after an election. And with the media filled with shrews and scolds like yourself, doing things, even the kinds of things people would like done on immigration, will not be as easy as all that.

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