Further marriage advice

It’s been a very long time since I;ve had to date, now into grandfathering so my post on Marriage Advice for Millennials may be very out of date and dangerous. This is an article on sexbots replacing women which seems to appeal to quite a few since it avoids having to mix it up with the modern woman of our own time. This is the central point of the article:

Women have lived too long in a monopoly economy and so let down quality. It used to be that men had jobs and money, and women had that, so they married to let each get some of what the other had. The woman had to be agreeable as a selling point. Now women have jobs and don’t need men, or to be pleasant. Some are nice anyway, but it’s no longer a design feature. Of course they often end up old and alone with a cat somewhere on upper Connecticut Avenue, but they don’t figure this out until too late. Anyway, they stopped being agreeable. They learned from feminists that everything wrong in their lives was the fault of men.

It is a real problem: American women are inoculated from birth with angry misandry insisting that men are dolts, loutish, irresponsible, and only want sex. (To which a response might be, “Uh…What else have you got?”)

I have no real idea how right or wrong this is, but the cost of separation is so massive that you do have to wonder. N’ertheless you need real woman to have children and a date for New Years. It is also the death of civilisation, but every civilisation dies. Maybe this is how our’s will go.

Also see here to feed your pessimism further.

LET ME JUST ADD THIS: This is Camille Paglia: Prominent Democratic Feminist Camille Paglia Says Hillary Clinton ‘Exploits Feminism’. And it’s hardly just Hillary. A bit from the interview but the part about Trump:

Donald Trump’s retro style of confident masculinity (which dates from the Frank Sinatra/Hugh Hefner period) was surely a major factor in his victory and represents what was probably an inevitable and necessary course correction in American gender relations. The delirious excesses of unscientific campus gender theory, translated into intrusive government regulations by elite school graduates saturating the Obama administration, finally hit a wall with the electorate. The mainstream big-city media too have become strident echo chambers of campus gender dogma, as demonstrated by last year’s New York Times fiasco, where two wet-behind-the-ears reporters fell on their faces in trying to prosecute the Trump of his casino days as a vile sexist. I mercilessly mocked that vacuous article in my Salon.com column and stand by every word I wrote.

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