Fake news trolling

What shall we say about this which is a comment from OK, but what have you done for me lately??

As well as having a cool Christian name, ‘Malcolm’ is right to slam Kates’ simplistic rants – such as ‘you either agree with my view that Trump is omniscient, or you are a deluded leftist dunce’ etc etc. Let’s not forget Kates’ idiotic worshipping of probably the worst conservative leader – in terms of completely discrediting a small government agenda – Australia has had for some time: Tony Abbott. Kates’ political commentary is so absurd and juvenile that it really belongs in a MAD comic book.

Or this?

Steve Kates used to be a sound economist. Recently he has embraced crony capitalism and protectionism / mercantalism. He no longer deserves to be called an economist. He is a polemic writer that’s all.

Or this which is yet another:

By the way, since Trump’s victory, I have become even more convinced that he was the wrong person for the job. The world would have been better off with Hillary Clinton, even though she is terrible.

Or finally this:

If you are grateful that Trump is president, you are, whatever you may personally believe about yoursefl, a non-card carrying member of the left.

Exactly. The only difference between Trump and Obama is that Obama was ideologically coherent while Trump has no political ideas of any kind and just swings left by default as most people who don’t know anything about politics do.

These are, to put it mildly, inane. Let me start with the last of these. What my post actually says is this:

If you are not grateful that Trump is president, you are, whatever you may personally believe about yourself, a non-card-carrying member of the left.

Not quite “exactly” is it. This is just trolling, and my guess is that these are quite possibly people who visit sites like this as part of whatever line of work they do. They are filled with empty clichéd parody statements purporting to be representative of what someone on our side of politics ought to believe. These are “fake news” comments. It is a form of Alinsky Rule #4:

“Make the enemy live up to its own book of rules.”

They make up quotes and spray accusations but never provide a principled statement of what they mean. In particular, they do not add specifics about what Trump should or should not be doing. If I have actually “embraced crony capitalism and protectionism/mercantalism [sp!!!]” it’s news to me. But since these are apparently boo-words, even if they don’t know how to spell them, off they go.

Trump is not perfect, and not everything he does is what I would do myself. But if you are not pleased to see him President given the real-life would-have-been actual alternative, you really have nothing of value to say. I am forever sent things from friends and relations from the NYT, WAPO or whatever which I almost always read since I am interested in the kinds of things that convince others. But this inane juvenile trolling feels insincere. It is like the fake news you see everywhere in the MSM, with the core aim to cause doubt among those who really do like Trump’s agenda. Reading these people is like reading the American press.

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