Left bots get their news from comedians which is why they are so ignorant

Is Comey a bad guy – he stopped Hillary from becoming president – or is he a good guy – investigating Trump’s Russian connection? Expect not honesty, consistency or common sense from the left who get their lead from comedians. Politics on the left is just a fashion statement. This is a paradigm example of how the left instantly falls into line with whatever is supposed to be the politically correct response to any event. This is from Twitchy: BACKFIRE alert! Audience reaction to Comey firing NOT what Stephen Colbert wanted.

On the Late Show, Stephen Colbert broke the news to his audience that Donald Trump had fired FBI Director James Comey, and their reaction was not what he hoped for.

Dems have gone back and forth on Comey so much even Colbert’s fans are unsure how they’re supposed to react on any given day.

Almost exactly the same from the Puffington Host even, also picked up by Twitchy: BACKFIRE alert! Audience reaction to Comey firing NOT what Stephen Colbert wanted.

Stephen Colbert opened his Tuesday night “Late Show” with the news that President Donald Trump had abruptly fired FBI Director James Comey.

The audience immediately started to clap and cheer at the news, leading Colbert to quip that there were “huge Donald Trump fans here tonight.”

Colbert’s guest on the show, Jon Stewart, later discussed the audience’s bizarre reaction to the Comey news.

Within minutes the entire left knew its lines and how to act in unison by following their national socialist leaders. This example from history shows how it was done then as it still is.

And the words – via the voice-over translator – are uncanny in their opposition to democracy, liberty and free speech.

A COUPLE OF ADDITIONS: The left remains a mystery in their self-destructive ways. Two examples worth your time. The first from Ann Coulter: TO SAY, ‘STOP RAPING ME!’ IN ENGLISH, PRESS ‘1’ NOW. The second from QoL: Mark Steyn, Cole Porter and Free Speech. This is an historic first, where a civilisation has disintegrated because its inhabitants hated its own values. I hope these cretins like what comes next better than what they are helping to see off, but my guess is they won’t. But their offspring will not know any better so in a hundred years no one will understand how pleasant our way of life was since no one will be able to believe we had what we had and gave it all away.

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