It wasn’t Comey it was Obama who did Hillary in

Listening to Hillary maunder on about Comey does make me think she actually knows the truth but knows she cannot say it herself. I have never been in any doubt that it was Comey who made PDT possible, but it was Obama via Loretta Lynch who was behind it all. I wrote about it a week before the election in a post I titled, Raisin’ Kaine to the highest office in the land which is, of course, reprinted in my The Art of the Impossible: A Blog History of the Election of Donald J.Trump as President. The same scenario was also discussed in another post on November 4. These are the ingredients for what is a very simple sequence that fits every fact not to mention the personal motivations of each of the persons involved. It also explains what Hillary cannot say but more likely than not knows herself.

1) Obama hates Hillary.

2) Tim Kaine is not just from the Obama side of the Democratic Party but was one of the first of the Democrats to defect to Obama in 2007. Hillary would never ever under ordinary circumstances have chosen Kaine for her Vice President, even assuming he would be a great campaign asset which he most assuredly was not.

3) However, she can only run for president if she is not under indictment for the undoubtedly illegal use of an insecure server. Hillary was therefore compelled to choose someone who she would never have chosen as her Vice Presidential candidate.

4) Obama’s aim was to be succeeded by someone with his own agenda to carry on where he had left off.

5) Hillary wanted to be president, but not necessarily serve as president. She is a sick woman which can hardly be denied. She might not have lasted a year before her illnesses would have forced her to resign.

6) But in any case, just in case she was reluctant to give up the presidency once she had it, the evidence of illegal activity could be used to impeach her if she chose to battle on, or at the very least, force her to stand aside and allow the Vice President to take over.

7) Comey had begun the original investigation, which was extraordinary enough. But since it is necessary for Hillary to win if Kaine was to become president, Comey – under instruction – says on his own bat that she has no case to answer.

8) Hillary then moves to the front and looks set to win the election. But now there is no means to force her from office if she doesn’t want to go. So suddenly 650,000 classified emails are found on Weiner’s laptop leading Comey – under instruction from Obama – to open the investigation again.

9) But then, to everyone’s astonishment on the Democrat side of politics, Trump begins to move ahead in the last week of the election, throwing the result into doubt. The investigation against Hillary therefore needs to be shut down immediately. Comey therefore declares that they FBI has gone through the 650,000 emails and states there is nothing there to prosecute.

10) But by then it is too late and Trump gathers just enough momentum due to the various scandals that have surrounded Hillary to win the election.

Hence this: Clinton blames Comey, WikiLeaks for election loss. I think this is exactly right:

Clinton said she was on track to winning the election until Oct. 28, when news broke that Comey had sent a letter to Congress announcing that he had reopened the investigation into her emails. . . .

“I was on the way to winning until the combination of Jim Comey’s letter on October 28 and Russian WikiLeaks raised doubts in the minds of people who were inclined to vote for me, but got scared off,” Clinton said.

Saying that the WikiLeaks came from Russia is just part of the fake news dross, but the WikiLeaks no doubt did matter but was hardly decisive. It was the investigation by the FBI that made her electoral poison. I even agree with her when she says she would have won had the election been held the week before. I wrote exactly this on the first of November, where I discussed A Week is a Long Time in Politics – another post reprinted in my book. There I wrote: “In my view, had the election been held today, Hillary would have won.” We’ll never know since the election was held a week later and bless my soul, by then, thanks to Obama with the assistance of James Comey, DJT was elected instead.

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