“We have to be prepared to do what we have to do”

The differences between DJT and his predecessor are profound. Obama was a lightweight far-left dunce who took almost nothing seriously other than his self-importance. Trump feels the weight of the world on his shoulders: Trump: ‘You make a mistake here, there is nothing to work out’. This is the same quote found at Instapundit:

Over the next 40 minutes, he jumps, in classic Trump fashion, over a range of topics, from his relations with foreign leaders to the danger of North Korea, from the election last year to his hopes for America tomorrow.

Yet listen closely, especially when he speaks about decisions involving life and death, and you sense that sitting here, in the Oval Office, as the 45th president has humbled even Donald J. Trump.

“You can make a mistake in deals, and you work it out,” he explains at one point. “You make a mistake here, there is nothing to work out. You know it’s trouble. It could be big trouble. And it is life-threatening trouble for lots of people, potentially.”

A portrait of Thomas Jefferson hangs to his right, one of Andrew Jackson, perhaps his favorite president, is to his left. A bust of a sober-looking Abraham Lincoln sits beneath Jefferson, while Trump’s father smiles broadly from a black-and-white photo behind the Resolute Desk, given by Queen Victoria in 1880 to Rutherford B. Hayes and used by many presidents since.

“It’s a very intensive process,” he says of the presidency. “Really intense. I get up to bed late and I get up early.” He rarely sleeps more than four hours, which is good, he explains, because he can call leaders around the world in the dark hours while the rest of Washington sleeps.

“When I was doing many real estate deals at one time, I always thought that was going to be more comprehensive and lengthier than a day like this.

“It’s not.”

So far into his presidency, as with so many modern-era presidents before him, much of his focus has been on challenges from abroad.

Let me also add a few quotes from the comments at Instapundit which help round out how people such as myself see DJT as president.

The entire interview, whatever you think of Trump’s policies, is an exposition of how stupid the never Trump right was in claiming that Trump was unfit for office. Trump was never anything like the boogieman the Washington establishment created. He was always a dead serious person and someone who anyone but our morally and intellectually bankrupt establishment could see would rise to the responsibilities of the job as well as any President since Reagan. The establishment of course saw Trump as the opposite because in Washington black is white and up is down. They live in their own alternative reality.

“An atmosphere — friendly, happy, energetic — infuses the Oval Office, already glowing with afternoon sunlight. You find yourself wondering what the next discussion among these figures will be, how it might add to two centuries of history, sometimes good, sometimes terrifying, that has unfolded within these curved walls.” Staffers are … happy? In a Hillary administration, they would be slicing themselves to ribbons. I’d love to know how he does it. My guess: Hire the best and quickly get rid of those who don’t work out. This is first-class management. This is what you get from someone who actually knows what he is doing, thanks to decades of experience.

He may not be the most well-spoken President we’ve had, but he brings a certain clarity in action if not always in words. And, he clearly loves this country. That alone is a welcome change from the preceding 8 years. Whatever he does, he’s doing it for the USA. It’s great having a President that isn’t beholden to someone/something else. Also, I never understood why anyone would think he was stupid or ill-informed. I don’t care how many advantages one starts out with, you cannot be as successful in the business world as he is and be stupid. He’s a deal-maker- he knows how to cut through the BS and figure out what the issues are. That would be a statesman who actually succeeds, as opposed to just appearing to be a diplomat by holding meetings, conference calls, issuing statements and flitting around the world.

I think a lot of the charge that he is stupid or ill informed comes from the fact that the media and most of the political class believe in the magic power of words. They are so detached from reality and so immersed in their own obsession with words over reality that they think that being clever and speaking well is the same thing as being competent at something. They think saying something well is the same thing as doing something well.

I originally thought that Donald Trump, during the campaign, was there to clear the Political Correctness out of the way for Ted Cruz. I voted for Ted in the Primary. By the time the General rolled around, I was happy to vote for Donald J. I realize now that Cruz could not have won. Republicans always succumb to Political Correctness. Donald J does not. It’s a new wind that blows across this continent, from sea to shining sea. Let’s not blow it.

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