What would a lawyer know about human rights?

I have been thinking about this disgusting story of far left fascist immorality and the more I have thought about it the more angry I get. She is a Nazi through and through and other than a few tinselly bits of law knows nothing worth knowing about human rights or free speech. Seriously, how much closer is she to Beria and Che than anyone who has ever attempted to defend our freedoms? All she lacks are the concentration camps into which she can put people whom she disagrees with. Now she just punishes them by driving them through the courts to drain them of any excess funds they may have and cost them their jobs and career if she can make them notorious enough. How can this woman be the head of our human rights commission? Does no one any longer even understand what human rights are?

“Sadly you can say what you like around the kitchen table at home,’’ she said.

I don’t even care what she thinks the sad part of that is. What I do care is that she thinks it is morally OK for her to use the full force of the law to harass and prosecute people who say things in public that she disagrees with, things she believes should not be sayable and that she and her cronies should be the judge of what can and cannot be said by Australians to each other. And what’s more, she thinks that she ought to be able to sit in judgement over what they say to each other in private. But OK, we already knew that’s what she thinks. The AHRC is already a monstrous modern-day replica of the Gestapo or Stasi or whatever you want to call the anti-free-speech judicial arm of the Australian left. She is obviously too dull-witted to understand her Nazi pedigree.

The problem really is the government, not one of which has said a single word to criticise her for what she said.

And I will add as someone else mentioned to me re the Alex Joske story, that had he not had the Chinese side to go with his white anglo background but had been 100% white, the hounds of political correctness would never have let up. Meanwhile Ayaan Hirsi Ali – even though not a white anglo male – has been forced to cancel her tour of Australia. Most people eventually get used to living in a fascist country. You can easily see how well we are adapting already.

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