Sadly she can say what she likes in a public forum

“Sadly you can say what you like around the kitchen table at home,’’ she said.

Mind you, it’s not that she can say it but that she does say it that matters. The one thing she never has to worry about is being called up before the Human Rights Commission. But as the other notable story from the weekend also shows, it’s not what you say but who says it that counts.

Woroni last month announced plans for “our very first ethnocultural edition”. It posted on its Facebook page: “For our 5th edition, we will be taking on a team of guest sub-editors who identify as Ethnocultural and we will be sourcing contributions solely from students on campus who identify as Ethnocultural.”

This identify thing is important since the story is about Alex Joske who is half Chinese but identifies as an Australian. Sorry, no writing gig for you. A long story but very disturbing.

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