Mark Steyn in Canada

You have to be Canadian, perhaps, and it lasts an hour with questions, but when all and said and done, it is Mark Steyn who is saying and doing. At the link at Youtube:

Published on Apr 1, 2017

Mark closed out the recent Manning Centre conference (Canada’s CPAC) with a live stage performance of The Mark Steyn Show from the Shaw Centre in Ottawa.

For our American viewers, his opening contains a few obscure Canadian jokes – Sir Mackenzie Bowell’s fisheries minister and so on – but the meat of his presentation on free speech does, we think, apply across the civilized world.

There are also questions from the audience, and a live performance by Tal Bachman, scion of Randy of Bachman-Turner Overdrive and a hitmaker in his own right with songs like “She’s So High”. This time, though, Tal is performing a couple of other writers’ classics – one English, and the other the first ever Billboard American Number One, which turns out to be a Canadian song.

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