Did people always seem this crazy?

There is always much to read on Quadrant Online and of course in the magazine as well, but the one regular contributor I will always read, and almost always immediately, is Peter Smith. Today he has written something even more remarkable than usual: Delusional, Malevolent or Both? I will give you his first para and the last. Now go the link to read what comes between.

Backwards we go to windmills, then to cultural oblivion, and onwards to terrorising the enemy on the battlefield with our gender-nuanced battalions. Insanity is abroad. Fancy is replacing reality. Subversion and sedition are in the air. . . .

Often, though not always, you find that those who favour windmills, who despise our culture, and who see the military as suitable terrain for social experiments in gender fluidity and feminism, are one and the same. They are of the modern left; the alt-left. They are delusional. Or, are they malevolent; or are they a bit of both? Can you imagine what George Orwell or any self-respecting socialist of not so long ago would have said of them?

Mad as a meat axe the lot of them. Malevolence is in their hearts but irrationality is what drives them on.

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