Brownshirts are and always have been a feature of the left

What I find more astonishing is that there is such a thing as a domestic terror training camp rather than knowing who had attended. This is the story: Greens Senator attended Domestic TERROR Training Camp “Preventing Police from Raid” and this is how it begins:

A Yearly Camp for Extreme Left-Wing Anarchist Groups in Victoria called “Camp Anarchy” has been widely ignored by mainstream media. The Camp was based in the Yarra Valley from 11th of March to the 13th and consisted of training classes in armed combat, how to break police lines, bomb making and how to sharpen knives.

But what was the focus of the story is this:

According to a verified source there was a strong police presence during the 3 day event, a Special branch of police applied for a search warrant prior to the Camp Commencing but were denied because a Greens Senator was attending the event – It’s been alleged the Greens Senator was “Janet Rice” of the Greens.

Which comes to this:

The Police will be pushing through new laws in Parliament next week to make it illegal for Anarchists to wear masks or face coverings at future protests, in extreme cases Anarchists could face up to 15 years imprisonment.

It’s not the police pushing such laws but the Labor Government, and a very good thing it is.

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