Rates are on the rise

The reporter is asking for coherence and economic sense. Bad luck to her. The right answer is that Yellen is a Democrat and is trying to undermine Donald Trump. So what if the economy is still stuck in the slow lane and jobs growth is only just starting to improve. So on she goes in the most dreary way with one series of empty phrases following another. But what does she care? The best part is that while her aim is to damage Trump and hasten a return to a Democrat as president, the consequence of higher rates will be a stronger economy. She doesn’t know that, but then she’s a Keynesian.

However, the real revolution may be here: On June 1st The Deep State Will Move To Overthrow Trump when the debt ceiling is reached. The American Government folds because it cannot pay its bills. Is the left this crazy? Probably along with the anti-Trump Republicans who hate him even more than the Dems.

[Both via Zero Hedge]

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