The mental health of Democrats is becoming a very large problem

It’s only an election. Even when Barack Obama won the White House, it was still only an election. Even though Obama was a far left Alinskyite loon, when all was said and done, it was just an election. Even though four more years along the same lines under Hillary would have put the finishing touches to the US and much of what had been Western Civilisation, it was still only just an election. Whatever the outcome, we would have gotten on with our lives as best we could. But that is us on the right, whose mental health is not seriously disturbed by a mere election.

But there is then this to consider.Democrats Suggest Invoking The 25th Amendment Unless Trump “Gets A Grip”. These people were undoubtedly already on the edge and have been driven mad by the election results.

These people really are crazy. For the life of me, I cannot think what will happen to the US with Trump as President that terrifies them to such an extent. There will be some illegal aliens expelled who might otherwise have remained. There will be some refugees who are not allowed to settle in the US who otherwise might have. It may become marginally more difficult to have an abortion, specially a late-term abortion. People will be permitted to practise their religions without interference from the State. Bathrooms will be segregated according to one’s sex at birth. If there’s more to add to the list, I cannot think what it is.

The left have become unhinged, seriously disturbed. If they can watch Trump’s press conference and see a “meltdown”, they are, if you ask me, screwed up in the head. They already make me sick with the policies they pursue, but what cure there is for such insanity I do not know. These are people who now lack a purpose in life – indeed, see there never has been much purpose in all the psychological investments they have made – and as a result are mentally falling apart at the seams.

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