Does the left ever tell the truth? Trump comments on Sweden


“We’ve got to keep our country safe. You look at what’s happening in Germany, you look at what’s happening last night in Sweden. Sweden. Who would believe this?”

There’s the video above and two other’s at the link: SWEDEN: African Muslim gang attacks security guard in Stockholm subway.

The real point is not these examples, which can be multiplied many times over, but the refusal of the left side of the political spectrum to treat these as genuine problems that need to be dealt with.

And here is the actual documentary that the President was referring to: Ami Horowitz Documentary: Sweden is Now Europe’s Official “Rape Capital”… which had been shown the night before Trump spoke and to which he was apparently referring.

But more generally, does the left seriously not think that Sweden ought to be an example to the rest of us on which path not to follow?

#NEVERTRUMP COMMENT It’s not just the left, it seems. What do you do with nitwits like this, supposedly on our side: Trump Mocked Mercilessly for Claiming Imaginary Terror Attack in Sweden. Insufferable, but corrected in the comments thread. The following dozen are selected from among the Top Comments:

1)Those who mock Trump on this topic only demonstrate their ignorance. Check out Paul Joseph Watson’s interview of “The Angry Immigrant” – a Bosnian blogger living in Sweden. Sweeden’s media and gov’t are colluding to quash info on horrific crime in that nation. Just another case of Trump being more informed than the Fakestream media.

2)I’d suggest that before these clowns bash the “uninformed” Trump, they actually check what he said, along with his follow-up. Powerline covers it nicely (… ). I saw an article today that started (and I paraphrase) – Now that Trump’s MAGA dream is going down in flames and his administration continues to be wracked with scandals …. Dream on folks, while Trump continues to get things done in spite of all your efforts.

3) Rick Moran officially becomes a member of the Fake News Media.

4) 1) Malmo has no go areas.
2) Jews are leaving Sweden.
3) Firemen are asking for bulletproof vest in Stockholm.
4) The Turks rightly pointed out that Sweden is a rape capital.

The Swedes are lucky in that ISIS is under sever pressure and Jihadis would rather go for France, Britain, Germany before Sweden. With ISIS gone from Iraq and Syria in 2 years, it does not mean that people in Europe will be safe from jihadi attacks, sexual violence of ‘ordinary’ crime going up or sharia law zones.

5) “They took in large numbers. They’re having problems like they never thought possible.” – Trump on Sweden. He did not mention a terrorist attack in Sweden. Big problems would be a large upticks in rapes and sexual assaults. There is that in Sweden. . . .Sweden has 49% increase in sexual violence. Are you pro-sexual assault?

6) Trump never said “terror attack” with regard to Sweden, Moran, you stupid piece of dung. YOU and the Fake Media have conflated Trump’s comments to signify terror attacks purely to ridicule Trump. Not one week ago, a native Swedish woman was abducted and gang raped by 3 muslim “refugees” that was LIVESTREAMED ON FACEBOOK. I am sure that poor lady considers her ordeal to have been a terrorist attack. Have you not seen the official reports that shows Sweden to be the Rape Capital of the WORLD? Did you not see the TV crew that set out to prove there were no muslim “no-go” neighborhoods in Malmo, only to be attacked by muslims? This picayune fake fact checking of Trump to ridicule him has got to stop! Show me where you ridiculed Obama for saying there are 57 states, that islam helped build the US, that Austrians speak Austrian language, or when he said his “Islam religion.”

7) I would consider the multiple gang rapes a form of terror attack. I don’t know if that was what Trump was referring to or if someone else has already mentioned it, but that’s my take.

8) I’m sorry—this reads like a criticism of an ER surgeon doing triage and getting criticized for his cheap cologne. Sweden is turning into a hell hole and everyone knows it but the MSM, apparently.

9) Well Rick Moran, we in the real world know what Pres. Trump is referring to. It’s too bad your intelligence overwhelms your common sense, or you would know also.

10) Um, maybe you should go to your friend at Instapundit – where you could see that the Friday night “event” Trump was referring to was an interview Tucker Carlson did on the rape and crime problem in Sweden. . . . And Google “immigration problems Sweden” and you’ll see that yes there are all kinds of problems in Sweden. Seriously Mr Moran – time for an update or retraction.

11) “Sweden’s Muslim problem: Half a million women sex attacked in a year. This now puts Sweden in the top position for sex crimes in the world. Put this into perspective to see how horrific these figures truly are: The total Swedish population is only 9.6 million people. In 2009 a US report stated that there are 450,000 to 500,000 Muslims in Sweden, around 5% of the total population. Out of the 500,000 Muslim migrants in Sweden, half or less are men. In other words, there is roughly an equivalent to two sex attacks to every Muslim male in Sweden. These sex attacks are not committed by the natives”. “Sweden’s interior minister, Anders Ygeman, visited Malmö on Monday, just a day after another man was shot dead in the southern Swedish city”. A 23-year-old man died in hospital after being shot outside a restaurant on the central Möllevången square at 6.40pm on Sunday. The man was known to police, with a series of previous convictions. He is the latest person killed in a spate of gun violence in Malmö this year. On January 3rd a 22-year-old man was shot dead in the Fosie district, just a week before a 16-year-old boy was killed in Rosengård”. “Jews have been abandoning the city over the past few decades as it becomes more unwelcoming and anti-Semitic. Italian journalist wrote in a piece earlier this year for Israel National News: In the seventies, the community had more than 2,000 members: today there are less than 500. The others left for Stockholm or for Israel. The Simon Wiesenthal Center issued a warning to all Jews who visit Malmo, “Hide public religious signs and do not speak Hebrew.”

12) We don’t have to guess what Trump was talking about. He tweeted to say he was referring to a Fox news report from the previous night regarding the problems Sweden is having with immigrants. Of course the pro immigrant Swedes are upset if someone notes they’re destroying their own country with uncontrolled immigration of muslims. PC is rather more important than the women of Sweden enduring a few thousand rapes and the occasional murder.

And will finish with the picture that may put the case as clearly as it can be put.


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