How is it playing out in the US?

I sent my article “How is it Playing out in Australia?” to Powerline which has reprinted it here with the following text:

Writing from down under, Steve Kates responds to the question “How is it playing out in Australia?” Not surprisingly, Professor Kates provides a perspective that is nowhere to be found in the news up here: “For [Australian Prime Minister] Malcolm [Turnbull] apparently to have tried to push Trump, by telling him that as a fellow businessman that a deal is a deal, must rank as politically incompetent as anything I have ever seen. That Trump now thinks of Malcolm as a flea-weight no-account fool only means he has the same assessment of the PM as the rest of us.” Professor Kates has pulled the top comments from an inaccessible article in The Australian to elaborate.

Professor Kates notes in an email message to us that the comments on his post at Catallaxy Files are all of a piece and adds: “I just think it might be interesting and valuable if the underlying sentiment in Australia was more widely understood, especially in America.” Indeed, and the same may well be true of the underlying sentiment in the United States as well.

PAUL ADDS: It seems that if anyone was “badgering” during this phone call, it was the Australian PM as he tried to get Trump to say he would comply with Obama’s deal.

It was then listed at and now Sarah Hoyt has put it up at Instapundit. That Malcolm Turnbull leads the conservative party in Australia is a disgrace, but at least there is now a possibility that the White House will have a better understanding of the lay of the land down under. Let me quote BJ from the Instapundit comments thread:

Turnbull is a leftie buffoon and an embarrassment to Australia. Please don’t judge us by the actions of this usurper, who brought down an elected Prime Minister who was a true conservative, and then alienated and drove away the conservative voter base to the point that he barely survived the last election. Most conservatives in Australia can’t stand Turnbull, and he is almost single-handedly responsible for the rise of a number of new conservative parties who are soaking up the real conservative vote. If Turnbull was in the USA he would be a Democrat for certain.

This is universally understood on the right side of politics in Australia. We have our own LINOs, Liberals in Name Only. I tend to think that sitting in Parliament all day long listening to leftist arguments weakens the fibre of those who we send to represent us. Everyone has a sentimentality that will let them down and open themselves up to arguments about hurt and harm, and that is a good thing. But not to be able to go past the first moment and see how this kind of sentimentality plays out in the longer run is a stupidity that may yet be the end of us.

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