Say if Abbott had stayed PM

This is Faye Busch on Malcolm Turnbull in a Catallaxy thread.

Say if Abbott had stayed PM and Turnbull was still digging holes for the NBN.
None of this would have happened.
No near-death election.
No Photios’ toxic spread.
No splintering of the party.
No need for new party.
No rise and rise and rise of Shorten.
No wasted valuable time.
No ignoring Brexit and Trump.
No endless advice to the Prime Minister on how to run the country.
No hollow pretense.
No blaming the Conservatives for the mess.
Ad infinitum.

There is no doubt Tony would have won the last election with more than a one-seat majority. And beyond all that, what has Malcolm done that Tony would not have been able to, or what would Tony have done that Malcolm is pleased to have prevented? Such an egotistical non-entity who will be remembered just as we think of him today. History will never redeem his reputation.

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