Are the media really this clueless?

If the insight of the media into all things is as penetrating as their insight into Trump’s attitude to the traditional media, these people are as stupid a bunch as I have ever seen. This is from The New York Times even: Trump Team Considers Moving Press Corps, Alarming Reporters. He is not thinking of excluding these left-wing clowns, but increasing the competition.

Sean Spicer, the incoming White House press secretary, issued a statement on Sunday that did not address the issue of a dedicated work space. “While no decisions have been made, there is enormous interest in covering Donald Trump,” he wrote. “The current briefing room only has 49 seats, so we have looked at rooms within the White House to conduct briefings that have additional capacity.”

Do they really think they are the soul of objectivity, that there is no other perspective on events other than their own? Do they really think that Trump feels he can trust them to report accurately and without bias? I only go to the traditional media to find out what the left thinks about policy and events, and thus to find out the sensation de jour. I go to everyone else to find out what is actually going on and for a proper perspective on policy. It is to everyone else that Trump intends to provide room for them to report.

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