Fake conservatives

First, for your holiday pleasure, Stefan Molyneux interviews Paul Joseph Watson. Two of the greats in breaking down the MSM monopoly on the news.

But the MSM has retains an astoniishing level of power in spite of the fact that everyone on our side will tell you that the are operatives of the left. That anyone takes the Russia hacked the election seriously does truly make me see how Donald Trump’s presidency will be battered by one stupid meme after another. These people must think conservatives, or the right in general with nitwits like Paul Ryan to the front, are ridiculous. Putin certainly thinks they’re idiots. From Drudge:

Which comes along with these:

Take it seriously and there will be another scandal along just as stupid at the next turn of the news cycle. It really is bizarre, but it also makes me think that no matter what, we are going to lose because our side has no idea of what they are up against or how to fight for keeps. But with Watson and Molyneux on the beat, and many others like them, there is still hope.

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