A modern political dictionary

From MD in the comments to the previous post:

There are some new expressions we will see used frequently this year and we need to understand them:

fake news = news from non-leftist sources that give voice to the silent majority;

populism = a majority of the population rejecting the self-indulgent agenda the Left want to impose on everyone, by force if necessary;

there need to be checks and balances when the people get it wrong = we, the Left, will use the courts, international ‘law’, and the regulation-making power of the executive to force our agenda on an unwilling populace;

Australians are horrified at Trump’s victory (they actually said this on their ABC) = leftists are horrified that people are pushing back against their agenda;

Australia is the most successful multicultural society in the world (an oldie that makes regular appearances) = the Left don’t just want to vandalise our society; they want to rub our faces in it while they do it;

far-right party = a centrist party that promotes non-leftist mainstream policies;

Australia is a tolerant society = we are too afraid to express our views because of the threat of persecution by government agencies. Second, the leftist media not only will not give voice to the concerns of the community and will even go to the extreme of attempting to fabricate an alternative reality. Third, we have been cowed by government. We know we have no power and no rights so we just let them walk all over us;

This is an example of how democracy can fail = the people voted and we, the Left, did not like the result.

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