Why are these people not being prosecuted?

Threatening to kill someone is illegal. So how are these people issuing death threats allowed to walk the street. Here is the story, Electoral College Members Receive Death Threats for Promising to Back Trump as President. Here is one of the electors being quoted:

“I’ve had death wishes, people just saying ‘I hope you die. Do society a favor, throw yourself in front of a bus.’ And just recently, I was reading a blog about me, and unfortunately these people not only called for the burning of myself, but my family, which is completely out of line.”

Is that it – “completely out of line”? Do Americans just take it as it is that there are mentally ill people out there who would see their own Constitution subverted just so they can hang on to power which has been legitimately lost. They are criminals if not actually traitors.

Then there’s this: Black Father-Daughter Trump Electors Receive Death Threats, Called Bigots for Supporting Trump. These people are mentally ill. Eight years of Obama with hardly a word said in anger, and certainly many fewer than he deserved. Trump will have his work cut out for him in dealing with Hillary’s deranged supporters, who ruin lives and do no one any good. Free stuff is a social disease.

Meanwhile, you can see how the “truth” is being manufactured right before our eyes: Commentary: Here’s how Obama can hit back at Putin over hacking. It’s from Reuters and is not a news story, just the views of one of their lamebrain journalists:

The verdict is unanimous: President Barack Obama and every U.S. intelligence service agree that Russian President Vladimir Putin has run a sophisticated intelligence operation designed to disrupt American democracy and elect Donald J. Trump. The lone dissenter? Trump himself.

It’s not just that they are fools but that they are criminally stupid. Unanimous, is it? Such lying scum.

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