The left steals everything so why not an election?

The story is in last-shot bid, thousands urge electoral college to block Trump at Monday vote. The moral authority of the left is anyway abysmal but the notion of playing by the rules seems to have escaped them. They are all Lenins and Castros in waiting.

Pressure on members of the electoral college to select someone other than Donald Trump has grown dramatically — and noisily — in recent weeks, causing some to waver but yielding little evidence that Trump will fall short when electors convene in most state capitals Monday to cast their votes. . . .

The 306 Republican electors who are supposed to cast their votes for Trump have been subject to intense campaigns orchestrated by anti-Trump forces to convince them that they alone can block the reality-television star from the White House.

Others have targeted Democratic electors, who are supposed to cast votes for Clinton, to persuade them to switch to a more conventional Republican who could also draw enough support from GOP electors to swoop into office.

While there is little sign the efforts will prove successful, the push has unleashed intense pressure on individual electors, who have now been thrust into a sometimes uncomfortable spotlight.

They believe themselves so virtuous that they can see no wrong in trying to reverse an election result that if it was rigged at all, it was rigged to see the Democrats win.

MORE OF THE SAME: There is no reason to think the election was hijacked, but even more important is ensuring that the political system is recognised as delivering an outcome that represents the will of the voters. The worse that can be said is that the leaks revealed the truth about the Democrats, which enhances the validity of the election. The left, as always, preys on the ignorance of the population – there are those at the top who want power and there are those at the bottom who believe they will be made better off with socialists in government. There is not an ounce of benevolence in voting of the left, only ignorance. Think about this: Podesta refuses to say election was ‘fair and free’. How dangerous this is for the future of the United States even to suggest any such thing. How despicable for these people to attempt such fraud to steal an election they have most assuredly lost.

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