Albrechtsen F

Since the editorial page of The Australian began its aversion therapy I no longer find it possible to read the centrally directed messages from RM. Today, apparently, Janet Albrechtsen is continuing her adventures in fantasy politics by doing a report card on the Liberals, and has given Malcolm a B+! I know this only because it came up on Andrew Bolt: Albrechtsen’s report card: Turnbull B+, Bishop A+.

She lost me slowly at first and then completely when she went for Malcolm. And then, again by behaving in an appropriate corporate way, by slagging Trump time and again. She is part of the reason that Murdoch journalists are becoming so mistrusted. Their biases are to the left while pretending to be partial to the right side of politics. Our Megan Kelly, I guess. Think I might go and see what’s in The Age.

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