Pickpockets don’t die rich

An article that hits all the right notes by Stephen MacLean on Government is the Cause of “Brexit-Trump Syndrome”. This is truly my cup of tea:

As the classical economist John Stuart Mill observed, nothing is more patently false than the political nostrum ‘that the more you take from the pockets of the people to spend on your own pleasures, the richer they grow . . .’ GDP exceeds median incomes because stats are swollen by coercive contributions to government redistribution and, adding insult to injury, to compensate the labours of ‘beneficent’ state redistributors.

Those in office will be gone before this house of straw falls over, and maybe they won’t even be blamed if they are luckier still. My worry is that Trump will be made to take the fall. He will have to be very nimble indeed if he is to avoid a calamitous crash when the re-adjustment begins. At least this way there will be re-adjustment. Under Hillary, it would have been a continuous easing into the mud from which we would never have emerged. And there is no certainty that it may not already be too late.

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