The meaning of Donald

I have to say that while I am enjoying all of the reactions from those who have opposed Trump heart and soul and are now desolate, and the revelations of all those Sunshine Conservatives who I had not known had wanted him to win, it does still seem to me that in everything I read there is almost no recognition why he won. And the reason he won was because he is against open borders and for the preservation of our nation states. If you don’t mention The Wall, you still don’t get the point. Let me therefore repeat this again:

The one and only issue is open borders. This belief that anyone can migrate anywhere and it won’t make any difference of any kind is such a stupidity that I have to say that when I hear it I can only think I am dealing with political morons who are incapable of learning any lessons from the fantastic array of social instruction to be seen at every turn.

Europe at this very moment is being invaded and only a minority of these invaders are Syrian refugees with nowhere else to go. The news we get is minimal. Every so often the media is forced to cover some part of it, such as “Cologne”, or “Malmo” or “Charlie Hebdo”, but as rapidly as it is possible to go back to other things, it is dropped and nothing more is said. Were it not for Drudge, I would feel I would not know a thing about what is going on. We have in no sense a free press, and the ridicule that Trump pours on the people who are covering him warms me. It is you, who cannot see through the media attack squads that get me down. No writer for any Murdoch paper in the world – and aside from The Daily Mail, his are the best there are – will ever say a positive word about Trump. There is this migrating evil in the world, and you cannot find it in the news you read. Trump is a phenomenon because he, for very particular reasons, does not depend on the media or outside money to get his message across.

There may be an effort from the usual suspects to divert attention from the absolutely central issue – the identical issue that was at the heart of Brexit – but I do not think Trump will be diverted. He will build his wall, immigration will be controlled and The Australian Model will be applied everywhere, even in Australia.

ANN COULTER ADDITION: Trump Victory Boils Down To “Globalism vs. Nationality”.

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