Political ecstasy

providence that protects

And He may also be keeping an eye out for the rest of us as well.

There are not many moments like this that come along in a lifetime. We went out tonight to see that brave Canadian climate sceptic, Tim Ball, discussing his costly adventures in climate change. His legal bills are now over a million. It does not come cheap to wrangle with these people, but he seemed pretty content with life as it has unfolded. But he was certainly as thrilled as I am about what a Trump presidency will mean. It also means that the political fights have only just begun.

And this was as improbable a victory as I have ever seen. And the big losers are not just Hillary, the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation. We can also add to the cart the #NeverTrumps, the #OccasionallyTrumps and the Sunshine Conservatives who have revealed themselves. And of course, there is the media. Watching the ABC when I came home was one of those precious experiences that for someone such as myself who almost never watches TV, gave such immense pleasure, as much on the plus side for me as the negatives must have been for them as revealed by the misery on their faces. The same kind of pleasure watching Megyn Kelly as I replayed the afternoon on Fox that I had missed going out.

I might also throw in that perhaps the biggest loser of them all is Obama. He has been a global disaster, but his eight years will be swept, as those of his kind like to say, into the dustbin of history. There will be an ample amount of damage to clean up, some which will never be fixed, but at least come January he will be history and have no successor. I wish I could say we can then all start again, but we can at least start a fairly decent salvaging operation.

So to go back to the quote, either Bismarck was absolutely right or the planets were lined up just exactly right, but who could have predicted any of it. You could see Trump learning on the job and getting the polish together just a bit more each day. He turned his vague aims into a series of specific policy proposals that make profound sense for those of us who pay attention to such things. There were the Wikileaks, Comey’s decision not to prosecute, then the Weiner revelations followed by Comey’s decision to re-open the case, and then finally his reversal. Not to mention Hillary’s disastrous record in politics where her only success was to become possibly the most brazen political liar in history. As for everything else, there was not a single actual success of any kind she could point to that might give anyone the slightest notion that she could handle the office of the Presidency, even if she were healthy, which she clearly is not.

On the negative side, of course, there was some locker-room talk from back in 2005. That was the only issue ever brought up in Hillary’s favour. I never heard another reason to vote for her or against Trump by those who sided with the Democrats, and I did try to find out. How history hinges on such things, in the way that Romney travelling with a dog on the roof of his car might have cost him the presidency in 2012. But that was then; this is now. Hurray for our side, but there now really is a lot to do.

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