My presentation on the American election

I spoke to one of the branches of the Liberal Party last night about the American election. They obviously chose me since they wanted someone who might speak positively about Donald, which is what they most certainly received from me. Here were my opening points:

1) If you are not for Trump and are even tempted to vote for Hillary, you ought to consider shifting to the Greens.

2) I do not prefer Trump in the sense of the lesser of two evils. I prefer Trump as the best imaginable choice to “Make America Great Again”, or more realistically, as the last possible chance to save Western civilisation from disintegration.

3) If you do not see this then you are blind to everything that is going on, almost all of which is hidden from view by a media that is almost as corrupt as Hillary.

I then discussed all of the policies that are in parallel with the Coalition’s. You know:

  • border protection
  • dealing with terrorism and Islamic jihad
  • market-based policies to encourage recovery
  • lower taxes and certainly no “death taxes”
  • reduced public spending
  • removal of Obamacare and an open national market for health insurance
  • Supreme Court appointments who are constitutional scholars
  • suppressing voter fraud
  • understanding climate change is a fraud
  • encouraging fracking and coal-based sources of power

You know, sanity for a change. The Q&A made it quite an evening, but I am happy to report, the sentiment of the room was definitely with me. A very unusual experience, I can tell you.

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