An internationally recognised Australian hypocrite

andrew leigh

The title is Labor MP Wrote Income Inequality Book Using Unpaid Interns at Buzzfeed, which was picked up at Instapundit. Both are American websites and there we are. Here is the Buzzfeed [!] subhead:

Labor MP Andrew Leigh has admitted to using unpaid interns to help write his books about the dangers of inequality to society

which the writer, Alice Workman which is probably a pseudonym, described as “rank hypocrisy from Labor and the unions.” And so it is. The article begins:

The shadow assistant treasurer has had roughly 55 unpaid interns through his office since he was elected to parliament in 2010.

Comprised mostly of high school and university students, the interns work without pay for periods of weeks to months. The interns are sourced through ANU’s Commonwealth Parliamentary Internship program, the ACT Department of Education, and Leigh’s Labor website.

Outside of general office work, the interns are tasked with “data-related issues” and “carrying out research” that has contributed to Leigh’s last four books.

As explained on Leigh’s website, he prefers economics students, and they need to bring their own laptop.

Even though it was on Instapundit, as soon as I saw Labor without the “u” I knew it had to be one of us, and so it was. “Equal pay for equal work”. What a laugh!

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