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Normal political ad, right? Well then, read this: YouTube Hides and SLAPS WARNING on New Trump Ad About Hillary’s Health. Then go to the video at Youtube itself and there you really will see just those words when the video has finished:

“This video is unlisted. Be considerate and think twice before sharing.”

They don’t care what you think because they feel they have the 51% locked up. And if she wins, it will only get worse.

MURDOCH PRESS ADDITION: Another Murdoch shill, this time Janet Albrechtsen showing the same judgement she used in supporting Turnbull for PM: Hillary Clinton versus Donald Trump II was a debased freak show. The top comments do, however, remain a source of solace since common sense still prevails somewhere. Here is the first one. You can go to the link to read the others:

You are absolutely correct Janet. The disenchantment with ‘the establishment’ or sneering political class will still be there, if not swell to anger. You can feel it now. Here in Australia too.

But all this talk of seeking to understand us ‘deplorables’ (I’m a professional female and post grad qualified) smacks of patronizing condescension. Are we to be ‘fixed’ through more of the same? More spin, more dishonesty, what the left like to call communications and the rest of us recognise as PC propaganda. Of course ‘they’ know what’s best for ‘us’.

You know, I put myself in that “bucket” not because I necessarily support Trump but can appreciate his disruptive role. In the bigger context we have something of a social rebellion underway. This wave of disenchantment hasn’t peaked yet.

The media is part of the problem. They have played an active role in the US election, more so than Putin, I would argue – if indeed he even is behind the hacking but wasn’t it good to know the truth about Clinton thanks to her own emails?

The utter hypocrisy of the predominantly left media has been something to witness. Trump is fair game but not the equally repugnant Clinton. Such one sidedness can only propel the momentum of this social uprising.

You’re right however in picking that the self satisfied smugness of those who mistakenly think they’re superior beings will endure, for now.

I was thinking along the lines of sanctimonious swill as I read Janet, but “self satisfied smugness” will do just as well.

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