Not even near peak stupid


The text that came with the chart is unsourced but quite interesting:

The blackout of the entirety of South Australia is a poignant lesson as to why wind power is nonsense.

You will hear from a whole heap of truth deniers trying to protect the eco-crucifix industry by saying that the blackout had nothing to do with the fact that Labor has made South Australia completely reliant on renewable energy for its power.

But the cold hard fact is that the knockout of a transmission tower would not have stopped power being generated by a decent network with reliable coal-fired baseload power. What knocked out the power was the fact that every wind turbine powering South Australia ceased to operate as soon as wind speeds reached a critical level. They cannot produce power when there isn’t enough wind and they can’t produce power when then there’s too much wind. The proof: this graph showing wind power energy production in South Australia yesterday.

Thank God we aren’t reliant on those useless, bird-chopping wind turbine monstrosities here in Queensland.

I have now seen this South Australian story told round the world but in a way that suggests that this is just one of those really idiotic things that happened one time in some out of the way place in Australia. Really only mentioned for a laugh. Yet the people who did this are everywhere and wherever you find them they really are incapable of seeing and understanding cause and effect, but are filled with emotion about some remote possibility 50 to a 100 years from now. Unfortunately there is worse to come before it is better.

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