Cheating at the debate

There are issues large and small that do make you wonder. This is among the small, but is neither irrelevant or insignificant: Presidential Debate Commission Admits Trump’s Mic Was Messed Up. Trump said it on the day but now it is confirmed.

But then there is the larger ones the most extraordinary one being the removal of Hillary’s notes from her podium by someone who then immediately crosses paths with the moderator after exchanging knowing looks. At Google, it is practically gone, although there were a few versions of this available a few days ago in a more extended form. I only found the one below which followed on from a much more brief version. It shows the man with grey hair and glasses taking something from Hillary’s podium and then looking over at the moderator before they briefly cross paths in the middle of the stage, but then goes on with much much more.

Why would you doubt for a second that if they could cheat they would cheat? And why would you doubt that the media would be in on it to the hilt?

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