“Turnbull has to be relentless and show he is the one in charge”

Were it not for Andrew Bolt, I would have no idea that Nikki Savva is still going on about Malcolm, but there she is: As the real game begins, Malcolm Turnbull needs quick runs. You would think she would finally get the point why anyone who had previously seen Malcolm in action could not possibly have supported him. And to tell the truth, though I tried, I could not get through her column, but I did manage her hilarious first para:

As he approaches his first anniversary as Prime Minister, the number of items on Malcolm Turnbull’s to-do list continues to multiply. His singular achievement so far has been to win the election, if only by a whisker, but it would help his standing inside and outside the government if he could score a few more runs and quickly.

If that is all he has done, he has done less than nothing, his contribution has been entirely negative. He won only because of Tony, but his almost losing the lot was entirely due to his own incompetence. I eventually skipped to the end of her column where there was this exhortation:

Individual ministers have to drive their issues, but they can do it only if the Prime Minister is in the forefront. A year into the job, and almost two months since the election, he needs to pick up the pace. He cannot give eloquent speeches (unfortunately marred by protesters) or drop ideas, then vacate the field for a few days before reappearing.

He has to be a persistent as well as persuasive advocate using all media, particularly radio and from the office, not home, so that there are visuals as well as audio. He needs to convince the public, then, having convinced them, use that to exert pressure on parliament. It is circular and never-ending.

Turnbull has to be relentless and show he is the one in charge, not Abbott, not Shorten, not Xenophon, not even Barnaby Joyce.

By now, Malcolm is completely gun shy since he has shown time and again that his own ideas are poison for most of those who vote for the Coalition. Every time he opens his mouth, three-quarters of the back bench roll their eyes. He’s in the wrong party, should not even be on the back bench, never mind its leader.

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