Tolerance and apathy

I think we are at the stage where those of us at a certain age reckon we will get our three score and ten in before the deluge. I am not particularly tolerant, but the will to fight does dissipate as time goes by. I cannot see current trends ending well since far too few any longer understand the virtues of the social arrangements that have been inherited from the past – which had required tremendous battles along the way – but which are now taken as the way things are and can never change. We are, alas, all too soon going to find out how not true that is, and the Dark Age that is descending may last a very long time. This is the sentiment that got me to think about these things:

tolerance and apothy

I came across the quote above first which may seem a bit cryptic, but not if seen in the context of this one which was close by. Caring about such matters requires a philosophy of freedom which is disappearing into a blur of licensed self-absorption.

tolerance is the virtue of

The previous two were accompanied by this which is relevant to the previous two. Bit by bit we are losing everything that has made our civilisation what it is.

orwell threats to freedom

Ages of high technology are well known for being culturally barren.

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