Australian journalists could learn a lot from it too

It’s Margo Kingston, in the Guardian Australia on Pauline Hanson takes centre stage again but this time we should listen not lampoon cited by Glenn Reynolds on Instapundit under the non-ironic heading, AMERICAN JOURNALISTS COVERING THE TRUMP PHENOMENON COULD LEARN A LOT FROM THIS PIECE. This is his chosen quote:

“Her supporters were by and large nice people with little money who were largely uninterested in politics. They were suffering badly from the effects of competition policy, which had seen basic services and jobs stripped out of their towns. They loved Hanson’s grit and plain speaking. Most of all, they loved that she listened. . . . When I tried to converse with supporters about politics I misinterpreted everything they said, and likewise. I thought they were racists and they thought I was a racist. Communication was impossible without getting to know each other first. . . . Western democracies are splitting up into warring tribes. I think Hanson’s return to our parliament is a chance to bring ours together a little bit. If we try.”

And this from the comments at Instapundit:

:”…One Nation’s policy. Its vote collapsed..” Actually, that is wrong. What happened was the main parties, LIB, Labour, DEMs , Greens, NATs all “preference’d” her at the bottom, as that is what you used to be able to do Down Under. The final vote is your actual vote plus preferences from others…..The smart Rich Guy who did a hostile takeover of the LIB/NAT Coalition party decided that he would change the system to get rid of the “kooks” from the Senate. He did that with the support of the Greens (never a good sign). What he did not understand was that the parties like One Nation get pretty solid *primary* voter support. Once people could pick their own preferences, the independents like Hanson and others leaped above the Family First and Palmer party types… They are now here to stay, for at least the next 3-6 years…

More than likely, the smart rich guy is going to need the support of Bob Katter (Google his videos!) and Hanson to get anything done…Good Times!

Whatever kind of times they are, they are certainly a changing.

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