The immovable object

That Malcolm is a dud with the worst political instincts in Australian political history was evident from a long way back. That he is shallow to the point that he actually believes global warming is a problem only emphasises how pathetic he is. That he has no idea how an economy works was clear long before he said during the GFC that he would have done the same as Labor. That he knows nothing about our infrastructure needs was made plane by his inability to lay a rhetorical glove on the NBN. But while all this is plain as day to me and thee, to the man himself, he is all that stands between us and ….

It should of course be what stands between us and another Labor Government. What he really thinks is that what he stands in the way of is something worse by his lights, a return of Tony Abbott. I’m afraid articles such as this How the Liberals could win with Abbott will only make him dig in more.

But Malcolm’s crass and obnoxious willingness to take the ship down with the captain comes across even more in reading these absurd post-election polling statistics from the other day:

The latest Morgan poll of 3587 electors, conducted yesterday following the weekend election, shows 51 per cent regard Mr Turnbull as better prime minister, just ahead of Opposition Leader Bill Shorten on 47 per cent.

That’s a decrease of six percentage points in a month for Mr Turnbull and a 23 point increase for Mr Shorten in the same period. But Mr Turnbull is clearly preferred as Liberal leader over Tony Abbott by 71 per cent to 25 per cent.

But when only those who identify as Coalition voters are asked who they would prefer as party leader, the result becomes closer — 60 per cent for Mr Turnbull and 38 per cent for Mr Abbott.

Whatever doubts we might have about the numbers, suppose they are right. That means that 38% of Coalition voters prefer Abbott. That is a very large part of the Coalition’s voter base. Anyone with an ounce of common sense, never mind the slightest whiff of political calculation, would understand that to strengthen the party and its appeal, those 38% should be appeased. Instead, he remains stubborn to the point of mulish in not even considering a return to cabinet of the man who for many of us was the main reason making the Coalition worth our vote. Now that everyone can see how politically stupid Malcolm is – even those who have tried to defend him in public since the election – the facts of political life will need to be explained. My worry is that he really is just as stupid as he seems.

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