Vandals in Victoria

trees shrine

Here is the story I have just stumbled across from The Age: Hundreds of St Kilda Road trees to get the chop as part of Metro tunnel project. If they think Melbourne will remain as the World’s Most Liveable City after this, they are more out of it than it is possible to believe. They paid a billion to stop a road but now there is this:

They are one of Melbourne’s most distinctive sights but it will not be enough to save them. Hundreds of mature trees will be removed from St Kilda Road to make way for the Metro rail tunnel, fuelling concerns about the environmental impact of the project.

As the Andrews government starts awarding contracts for the $10.9 billion train line, documents have revealed a range of issues, including the loss of trees, traffic disruption and the possible relocation of residents put out by noise and vibration during construction.

According to the environmental effects statement, about 900 trees could be removed along the tunnel route – including up to 223 trees in the precinct surrounding the Shrine of Remembrance, where a new underground station will be built.

For more on a $10.9 billion project that will ruin Melbourne to create a rail connection between Carlton and South Melbourne, you can read it up here. If they are looking for a cheaper way to drive from the south of the city to the north, they might just remove the bicycle lane across Princes’s Bridge. In the meantime, they will sink billions into a project that will never bring a positive return on the money spent but has the potential to ruin the most beautiful part of Melbourne. But I am sure it will divert jobs and add to pseudo-GDP. You can see the supposed benefits here which come to nothing at all.

How can we save ourselves from such visionaries? And if you think that The Greens are somehow on the side of trees and parklands, this is what they’ve said:


Turnbull can fund Melbourne Metro Rail

Turnbull can fund Melbourne Metro Rail
With a positive business case released for Melbourne Metro Rail, the Greens have said there is no excuse for the federal government to deny Victoria funding for the project.
“Metro Rail adds up and the Prime Minister must put his money where his train selfies are,” said the Australian Greens transport spokesperson Senator Janet Rice.

“A positive business case”! Beyond pathetic.

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