Advice for the lovelorn

This is from Stacy McCain about boy-girl relations.

We understand that not everyone marries their high-school sweetheart, but if you reach age 21 and have never dated anyone longer than “a few months,” you may be headed toward the Darwinian dead end.

The “check engine” light is flashing on your dashboard, OK? Most people start dating in high school and, somewhere between age 16 and 19, form their first “serious” relationship. Maybe this adolescent romance doesn’t become Endless Love — cue the Diana Ross-Lionel Richie duet — but if you’re 21 and have never had a relationship that lasted at least a year, you have a problem, and that problem is you. The most common cause of this particular problem is failure to accurately assess your own attractiveness.

This is a typical problem for loser guys, the kind of dude who is below average, but doesn’t realize it. He’s seen too many Seth Rogen movies, in which Seth Rogen ends up with a hot chick, despite being Seth Rogen.

Hollywood is always making movies where the hapless schlub somehow manages to win the heart of a chick who’s way out of his league. The classic of this genre was When Harry Met Sally — a truly great comedy, but let’s be brutally honest: Guys who look like Billy Crystal do not end up with women who look like Meg Ryan, at least not often enough that you actually expect to see such a pairing in real life.

Nevertheless, clueless losers latch onto the foolish idea that they’ll hit the jackpot and woo a Meg Ryan lookalike and, as a result of this absurdly unrealistic delusion, guys get stuck permanently in Loserville.

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