Australia’s bravest man is a cartoonist

leak hurt feelings

This is an article about Bill Leak, the cartoonist from The Australian: New conservatism of Western progressives is killing humour. Not only is he brave, but his common sense and the values displayed from a disappearing civilisation are remarkable. A sample, but it is worth reading the lot. Unexampled.

The trick has always been to look at a serious issue, exaggerate it to the point of absurdity and draw what you see when you get there. But the trick doesn’t work in these strange times when the more ridiculous an issue is, the more seriously it’s taken. And if you’re starting at the point of ­absurdity, where do you go from there? What’s the point in pointing out the absurdity inherent in something that’s obviously absurd and, more important, why isn’t everyone already laughing?

And when you do read it and see what an anodyne example I have plucked from the article, you will see that I am nowhere near Australia’s bravest. You will also see the evidence for why he is.

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