Does Obama have anything to do with the American election this year?

trump foreign policy

This is not a particular good article, but the point it makes is a serious one: 3 Reasons We’ve Forgotten Obama in the 2016 Race — and Why We Shouldn’t.

[Let me] illustrate a particular media trend — a blindness to the powerful impact of over seven years of a disastrous presidency. How does Obama get off the hook for all this? Why do we not see the 2016 election for what it rightly is, a referendum on his failed presidency? Here are three key reasons, from the least effective to the most.

The real reason is that virtually the whole of the media support the Democrats and can barely push the keys to say a word of criticism of Obama. This will be the problem from here to November. Whether Trump can withstand what he will need to deal with over the coming months is the question, along with how much help will he get from the RNC along with how much he will ask for. As noted here, The media have reached a turning point in covering Donald Trump. He may not survive it. It’s the Washington Post, so they will do all they can to make sure that he doesn’t withstand it, but we are certainly about to find out.

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