Delusional thinking is kind of like deceiving yourself

When I use the word delusional, there is nothing necessarily psychotechnical about it. So I went to the most authoritative source I could find, and this is what it says on Google:

Delusional comes from a Latin word meaning “deceiving.” So delusional thinking is kind of like deceiving yourself by believing outrageous things. Delusional thoughts are often a sign of mental illness, but the word can also be used more loosely to describe behavior that is just not realistic.

So perhaps this is only delusional in a loose sort of way:

President Barack Obama on Wednesday delivered a fervent appeal for a Democratic successor, wading deeper into the race to replace him even as his party has yet to produce a presumptive nominee.

Without mentioning any presidential candidates by name — Democrat or Republican — Obama lambasted what he said were economic myths peddled by the GOP, insisting any clear-eyed assessment shows the country better off now then when he took office.

The GFC began and ended during the presidency of George W. Bush. Again from Google:

The financial crisis of 2007–08, also known as the global financial crisis and the 2008 financial crisis, is considered by many economists to have been the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Obama became President in January 2009. All the hard work had been done. He had the easier job of building the American economy back up. If he thinks things are better now than on the day he took over, I know which meaning of delusional I would choose.

And when you have decided about economic policy, let us move onto how well he thinks he’s done on medical care and peace in the Middle East. You might also find this interesting which is a CNN report on the speech in which the following video is taken. Guess which bit is never mentioned.

I might just further add that this has been up all day at Drudge, very unusual, and still has had only 757,071 hits. The reach of conservative-leaning media is small. Obama is such an embarrassment but they might still elect Hillary. And if the media has its way, they will.

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