Why Republicans will vote for Trump (and Democrats too)

From Victor Davis Hanson, the top heads but read the lot:

First, Trump stays in the news not just by taking extreme positions, but also by taking extreme positions on issues that are already extreme. . . .

A second reason why many conservatives will vote for Trump is that they, like everyone else, are cynical about what candidates say and what they, as presidents, actually do. . . .

Third, we have become so inured to the outrageous, that many conservatives are not quite sure whether Trump is just a more in-your-face version of current politicians or if he truly is an outlier in his vulgarity.

Fourth, most Republicans do not quite buy the #NeverTrump argument that Trump is running to the left of Hillary Clinton. [Does anyone?] . . .

Finally, Republicans might embrace a democratic fatalism—or the opinion, in other words, that “if that’s what the people want, that’s what the people get.”

Of course, the real reason is that Trump is offering to do what voters want their government to do and no one else is.

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