Libs ahead by minus four

Everyone seems to think that a Labor lead in the polls should not be taken seriously. Why worry about this, we are asked: Election 2016: Labor surges in the polls as campaign focus turns to economic credentials. The details:

At the end of the third week of the 2016 campaign, Labor surged to its largest lead of the contest to date in a Seven News/Reachtel poll published Friday night, taking a 52-48 lead in the two-party preferred vote.

Meanwhile, over at The Australian: Labor’s reckless economic strategy starting to unravel, Why Turnbull has a wealth of advantage over Shorten, and Malcolm Turnbull must revel in secrets of his success.

I know that aggregates don’t mean everything, and that it is a seat-by-seat battle. And being ahead only counts on election night. And the only poll I take notice of is when the votes are counted, and etc. Nonetheless, down 48-52 does not look to be such a great place for a team that is looking to sweep to victory, or even to win by a single seat.

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