Going after our deadliest enemy

Two stories via Instapundit focusing on the media as the black-hearted true source of our political troubles. First:ACE OF SPADES: Why I Hate The Media, A Continuing Series. And if you go to AoS there is this conclusion about the media and its talking heads:

Who the fuck do these ghastly grinning pancake-makeup smeared brain-damaged communications majors think they fucking are?

A society that worships carnival-barkers appearing on idiot boxes is a society that is already brain-dead and which should be euthanized out of simple mercy.

Fuck them all to hell.

Second: PAST PERFORMANCE IS NO GUARANTEE OF FUTURE RESULTS where we find among quite a bit of other criticisms:

By rejecting the authority of the press to judge him, Trump has debilitated if not destroyed the power of the interview, befuddling a press corps that still believes it can bring him down with one more gotcha, one more “Pinocchio”, one more “Pants On Fire” from the fact-checkers. Trump is laughing at them now.

They still have enormous power which they won’t give up without a fight. But at least their flank has now been turned, and who knows. others may yet learn from Trump’s example.

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